(OSRS) Pro Agility
Built for OldScape by Chet


This feature-packed script is all you need to level your agility up to the nineties!

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I am the most powerful agility script out there. Supporting every course with banking, all foods and also course-specific settings, there isn't anything more you could wish from me.
Skills involved:

  • Agility courses & rooftops:
    • Al Kharid Rooftop
    • Ape Atoll Course
    • Ardougne Rooftop
    • Barbarian Outpost
    • Canifis Rooftop
    • Draynor Rooftop
    • Falador Rooftop
    • Gnome Stronghold
    • Pollnivneach Rooftop
    • Relleka Rooftop
    • Seers' Village Rooftop
    • Varrock Rooftop
    • Wilderness Course
  • Supports banking at all locations!
  • Supports all foods!
  • Very humanlike camera and mouse movement
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Optimized to run well on slower computers, too!
All PRO bots include the following:
  • Never uses your mouse
  • Solves random events
  • Antiban support to appear more human-like
  • Superior java techniques for smarter botting!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support