(RS3) Pro Fletcher
Built for RuneScape by Chet


Pro Fletcher is the best fletching script out there and can make you a master fletcher quick!

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Pro Fletcher is capable of fletching almost everything within the game. The user is able to setup his own task list and set their own path to 99.
We know training fletching can be boring, especially when you're doing the same task for hours on end. Why put yourself through that when you can let this script handle it for you and achieve great experience rates!
Skills involved:

  • Supports: Bow Fletching, Bow Stringing, Crossbow Fletching, Crossbow Stringing, Arrow Fletching, Stock Fletching
  • Great GUI with descriptive information!
  • Fast fletching method.
  • Detects when you're out of materials and continues with next task
  • Setting up multiple fletch tasks
  • Intelligent GUI
All PRO bots include the following:
  • Never uses your mouse
  • Solves random events
  • Antiban support to appear more human-like
  • Superior java techniques for smarter botting!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support