(RS3) Pro Smither
Built for RuneScape by BloddyHarry


Train your smithing level in no time with Pro Smither!

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Pro Smither is one of the smartest and most efficient smither scripts ever created.

For everyone who is too lazy to make all those bars to level up their level we have the solution! It's called PRO Smither!
Getting 99 in this skill has never been so easy, you can thank us later!
Skills involved:

  • All useful bars supported
  • Fast and reliable
  • Informative Paint
  • Locations Supported: Varrock West & Lumbridge
All PRO bots include the following:
  • Never uses your mouse
  • Solves random events
  • Antiban support to appear more human-like
  • Superior java techniques for smarter botting!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support