(OSRS) Pro Tablet
Built for OldScape by Chet


PRO Tablet is an efficient tablet maker which uses a lectern at a POH to make teletabs. Train Magic while making profit with this script at the same t

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PRO Tablet is an advanced tablet making script which makes all teletabs at a POH. With an advanced interaction system with the butler to get your clay, you will be making massive profit in no time.

Flawlessly handles the creation of teletabs and stops the script whenever you run out of raw materials so that you are not spam clicking and being flagged as a bot. Let all your soft clay be turned into teletabs and make massive profit with a few clicks!
Skills involved:

  • Supports all tablets
  • Multiple methods of clay gathering: Butler or Demon butler, House glory, Rings of dueling to Castle Wars
  • Simple UI
  • Nice paint that includes tablets and profit made
All PRO bots include the following:
  • Never uses your mouse
  • Solves random events
  • Antiban support to appear more human-like
  • Superior java techniques for smarter botting!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support