(OSRS) Pro Woodcutter
Built for OldScape by BloddyHarry


Pro Woodcutter is one of the smartest and most efficient woodcutters out there! Let it level up your woodcutting for you while making cash.

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Pro Woodcutter is an advanced bot that chops trees all throughout the world of Runescape. With advanced pathfinding, banking can be done from anywhere you're chopping, as long as it's supported in the web! In addition to this, power-chopping can be done anywhere as well!
We know training woodcutting can be boring, especially when you're doing the same thing for hours on end. Why put yourself through that when you can let this script handle it for you and achieve great experience rates as well as great gold rates.
Skills involved:

  • Chop anywhere
  • Web Walking - Bank from anywhere (That is supported in the web)
  • Profiles - Quickly load and save profiles to avoid having to setup the bot each time it's started.
  • Dead Tree Timer - The bot knows what the next tree to respawn will be and move towards it if no others are available.
  • Chop Distance allows you to set the area to cut in.
  • Supports all types of logs
  • Picks up nests
  • Avoids ents
  • Informative paint
All PRO bots include the following:
  • Never uses your mouse
  • Solves random events
  • Antiban support to appear more human-like
  • Superior java techniques for smarter botting!
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support