Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EpicBot™ OS and EpicBot™ RS3?

EpicBot™ OS and EpicBot™ RS3 operate separately. The scripts are purchased for either the OS or RS3 version of the game. This means when you make a purchase, it will only work for one version of the client. The clients are also separate from each other so be sure you are purchasing the correct version. We clearly label each script buy page with the version it is for.

How do I download EpicBot™?

Downloading any EpicBot™ product is simple. Simply go to our download page and select which version of our client you want!

How do I setup EpicBot?

Our detailed guide can get you botting in under a minute. View the setup guide here.

Where do I find scripts?

The free scripts are generally built into the client. For PRO scripts, please see our Scripts repository.

I don't see any scripts I want, how do I request for one?

Our Community forum is great for making script requests.

How do I buy a script?

Please see our Billing FAQ for more information on buyng and billing support.

Are your bots undetectable?

We firmly believe that our bots are as undetectable as undetectable can be! There is no for-sure undetectable bot client out, but we do a good job of getting as close as we can to that.

Is your bot a virus?

We stand by our products fully. They are clean and scanned by tons of anti-virus scanners. View our Features page to see why EpicBot is better as clean as a whistle!

Is your bot free?

Both of our bots have free versions with various limitations. For limitations of each client, please see the EpicBot™ OS FAQ and EpicBot™ RS3 FAQ

Are you better than the competition?

I think our products speak for themselves. We are the only botting company to support both versions of RuneScape™ and the only company that demands quality over quantity and values honesty over revenue!