EpicBot™ RS3 FAQ

What happens if my script doesn't work?

We try to keep all of our scripts up to date. With that said, the RuneScape™ updates sometimes break scripts. Contact the script author in the forum and ask them to fix! Alternatively, we have a 3-day refund policy that details here and here that you can review and see if you are able to qualify for a refund.

Is there a monthly fee for using EpicBot™ RS3?

No! The only fee you have is for purchasing our products (scripts) for EpicBot™ RS3.

What settings should I have when I run EpicBot™ RS3?

You should be running in OpenGL mode for the safest botting. For more information on how to get to this mode, please see here.

Are scripts really for a lifetime on RS3?

Yes! Scripts are really purchased for a lifetime on our EpicBot™ RS3 client.

Where can I find scripts for EpicBot™ RS3?

You can find our RS3 scripts here.

Is botting RS3 safe?

Currently, the EpicBot™ RS3 client we have released is a beta and you must bot at your own risk. We try to create the safest possible botting client there is - but there are circumstances beyond our control.

What's a safe number of hours to bot?

We strongly recommend 6 hours or less of botting. We also recommend you only bot one bot!

Are there free scripts for EpicBot™ RS3?

Yes! We also have script writers who are contributing to free scripts on EpicBot™ RS3! Please note that free scripts are limited and should not interfere with PRO scripts!

Is EpicBot™ RS3 client clean?

Yes it is! Please note that all of our products are clean and safe to use.

Where can I receive specific support for this version of the client?

For EpicBot™ RS3 Bot client support, please click here. If you are having a problem with a specific script, please post a bug report in the correct section here for PRO scripts. For Free scripts support, please view here.

Can I trade or resell my script? Can I have multiple accounts?

No! We do not allow this under any circumstances. Users found doing this receive a ban from our forums and find themselves IP banned with all products forfeited and removed from their account and a permanent ban from the bot!