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Old School RuneScape™ Bot

The world's smartest old school bot. [Current Status]: Working!

EpicBot™ now expands its range of products to the old school game. Get that same epic script quality you expect from EpicBot™, now on old school! Download for free, the best old school 07 bot out that is out!

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Free RuneScape™ 3 Bot

The world's safest runescape 3 bot ever! [Current Status]: Working!

EpicBot™ still proudly supports RuneScape™ 3. This client is currently updated and optimized for the best performance and safety of any Runescape 3 bot. Safe to use, Safe to bot!

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Installer Help!

Our installers, if downloaded from our website are 100% safe and clean. If you're having trouble installing our bot, please right click on the installer and hit "Run as Administrator" and install our EpicBot™ products that way. This will also fix if the jar keeps on prompting you to update as well(If it doesn't, right click on the Epicbot.exe and run as administrator and this will allow us to get proper permissions to update the jar file since some permissions issues with Windows cause the jar not to get updated)! Then you can proceed to install and run EpicBot with the latest version and you should have no problems!