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Old School RuneScape™ Bot

The world's smartest old school bot.

EpicBot™ now expands its range of products to the old school game. Get that same epic script quality you expect from EpicBot™, now on old school! Download for free, the best old school 07 bot out that is out!

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Free RuneScape™ 3 Bot

Under maintenance and updates.

EpicBot™ still proudly supports RuneScape™ 3. This client is currently undergoing updates to counter the on-going bans. Please note that we do not advise botting RS3 currently.

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Installer Help!

Our installers, if downloaded from our website are 100% safe and clean. If you're having trouble installing our bot, please disable your anti-virus / firewall & right click on the installer and hit "Run as Administrator" and install our EpicBot™ products that way. Then you can proceed to enable your anti-virus and you should have no problems!